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"...I received this scholarship over the summer. I just wanted to let the people who helped me pay for college this year know that I am doing well my first semester here at The University of Connecticut as a ACES Pre Education major. Thank you for the opportunity to be able to be one of the first in my family to attend college and help it to be a little more affordable..."

To the Rhoda Spear Educational Schol. Committee,

I would like for you to know how grateful I am to be selected for one of your scholarships.  I will be attending Western Connecticut State University this fall.  As a student athlete, my dream is to play football professionally but I am just as excited to recieve my diploma in Education.  I am leaning towards a degree in Physical Education or History.  I enjoy creative writing as well.


My parents have struggled financially for a while now.  My father is visually impaired and unable to walk.  My mother was in a vehicle accident that caused her to lose her job.  This scholarship means more than you can ever imagine.  I will work hard as a Rhoda Spear Scholarship recipient and am so proud to do so.  I will keep in touch.  Thank you so very much for this honor.

Sincerely,  Anthony & Family

Dear New Haven Scholarship Committee,

I would like to thank each & every one of you for the generous award.  I am honored to be a Proud recipient of this Program.  All of you have helped pave my way for success now & most importantly in the future.  I have been a recipient for the past 4 years,  my gratitude goes without saying.


Each year I would always look forward to sharing my progress and new adventures with the committee.  I enjoyed the paper because I felt that you all got to know me on an academic and personal level.  My journey at SCSU has been great and I can't wait to apply for the MBA Program at either SCSU or UConn.  I'm still in disbelief that I studied abroad in Italy for a week with my class.  The Scholarship helped make that dream possible, I will be forever grateful.


This scholarship has not only affected me but so many students from New Haven, including my own best friends...I could only hope that one day I could give students a great opportunity/financial support just as you all have done for me.  Maybe I'll even be able to join the NHSF board.  :) Thank you so much?  -Adriana


I, Naszir  , would like to humbly and graciously thank the donors of the New Haven Scholarship Fund.  Your contributions to my academic success has led me to the greatest place I could possibly be, Howard University.  I am absolutely in love with this campus and how they push me to be excellent in everything I do.  I promise that your contribution will not go to waste.

If you received a scholarship from the New Haven Scholarship Fund and would like to leave us a message, please do so in the box below.

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