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Who is eligible for a scholarship?
New Haven residents, with demonstrated financial need, who are graduating from a New Haven Public High School , Eli Whitney Regional Vocational Technical High School, Common Ground HS, Highville or Amistad HS and have attended since the start of senior year.  


How do I get an application?
The online application will be available January 1.  See "HOW TO APPLY"


What is the term of the scholarship?

Each scholarship is awarded for one year - 2 semesters


Can I get a scholarship beyond the first year?
Yes, you may apply at the end of each year for the upcoming year. Applications are due to the New Haven Scholarship Fund by June 15th. (Details are on the "HOW TO REAPPLY" page of this website)


When are awards given?
Awards for the first year of college are given at an awards ceremony in June.  Students MUST BE PRESENT to receive the award.  Awards beyond the first year are given over the summer.


How much are the scholarships?
Generally, they range between $200 and $2900 - this upper number varies, depending on the number of awardees.  We're always fundraising to increase the amount of money we have available as the number of scholarships we give out continues to grow.


Why the difference in amounts?
Community Colleges are highly subsidized for students who get a full Pell Grant and the costs to the student are almost entirely covered.


How are the scholarships paid?
The Fund will pay one half of the award for each of the first two semesters upon submission of proof of attendance by the student. The awards are not mailed without prior notification that the student is enrolled.   


How are the amounts of the award determined?
Awards are based on funds available to the Scholarship Fund, the student's financial need, the student's academic record, application and any other information deemed appropriate by the Fund's interviewers.


Are there any restrictions on where I can use the scholarship?

No, you can use the scholarship at any accredited college/university, technical or trade school in or out of CT.

What if I decide to wait a semester or a year before I start college or trade school?

Just email us to let us know.  Your scholarship will be waiting for you when you're ready to start.

Where does the money come from?
While the Fund has a few corporate donors, the bulk of the funds come from individual donations ranging from $5 to several thousand dollars. Individuals have also bequeathed money to endowment funds with the New Haven Scholarship Fund as the beneficiary.


What is the difference between the NHSF and the New Haven Promise?
1. The New Haven Scholarship Fund scholarship can be used at any college, technical or trade school, in or out of state. 2. You do not need a specific GPA. 3. It is first based on family income. 4. It is a one year scholarship, although you can apply for subsequent years.   5. This scholarship has been around for over 60 years, the Promise is 10 years old.

Can I apply to the New Haven Promise and the New Haven Scholarship Fund?



Who is the New Haven Scholarship Fund?
The Fund is made up of people who serve on an all volunteer basis. There is one part time staff member and no permanent office. (We want to keep costs down.)


How old is the New Haven Scholarship Fund?
The Fund was founded in 1959 by Hillhouse Math teacher, Jean Lovell, and has been in continuous operation ever since.


Is the New Haven Scholarship Fund part of the New Haven Public School system?
No. The New Haven Scholarship Fund is totally independent of the Public School system. We are not funded by it and establish our own policies and procedures. We obviously cooperate with the Public Schools to serve students.


How can I donate or get involved in the Fund?


We welcome scholarship recipients to become involved with the New Haven Scholarship Fund
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