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Payment of the scholarship award is split into two installments:

one for the 1st semester and one for the 2nd semester .  

Proof of enrollment* must be sent to the NHSF twice .

NOTE: We do not send money until we know that you are enrolled.  

(Sometimes students change their minds about what schools they're going to or decide to work for a semester, etc., so as you can see, we can't just send checks off to schools without proof that the student is there.)

*Proof of enrollment from the school includes any ONE of the following:


  •    an enrollment verification certificate 

  •    a school-generated invoice

  •    a billing statement and student schedule

  •    a certification of enrollment letter -OR-

  •    a copy of the school's internal billing statement/invoice, if received by       email.


Any document used for Proof of Enrollment must:

         1 . include the student's full name and

         2. the student's school ID number. 


Mail document to:   

New Haven Scholarship Fund
P.O Box 8936
New Haven, CT 06532

Or email a scanned pdf to:

Give a copy of your award letter to your school's Bursar's Office, Student Aid Office or Student Accounts Office for their information and files. 

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