The New Haven Scholarship Fund (NHSF) administers the payment of awards. 

Payment of the scholarship award is split into two installments one for the 1st semester and one for the 2nd semester .  So proof of enrollment* must be sent to the NHSF twice .

NOTE: We do not send money until we have know that you are enrolled.  

(Sometimes students change their minds about what schools they're going to or decide to work for a semester, etc., so as you can see, we can't just send checks off to schools without proof that the student is there.)

*Proof of enrollment from the school includes any ONE of the following:


  •    an enrollment verification certificate 

  •    a school-generated invoice

  •    a billing statement and student schedule

  •    a certification of enrollment letter

  •    a copy of the school's internal billing statement/invoice, if received by email.


Any document used for Proof of Enrollment must:

         1 . include the student's full name and

         2. the student's school ID number. 


Mail document to:   

New Haven Scholarship Fund
P.O Box 8936
New Haven, CT 06532

Or email to:

Give a copy your award letter to your school's Bursar's Office, Student Aid Office or Student Accounts Office for their information and files.