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Although the original mission of the scholarship was to help students through their first year, we recognized the need to support students on their journey to completion of their goal. Multi-year awards are one year scholarships as we do not give multi-year awards. The amount is based on how much money is available and the number of applicants. You must apply each year for a new award. To be eligible for consideration, applicants must meet the following criteria:


1. Must have received a scholarship from the New Haven Scholarship Fund in your senior          year of high school.
2. Will be attending college, trade/technical school in the year the award will be granted.
3. Must demonstrate financial need.


Application Requirements:
You must submit ALL of the following:

1. A cover sheet with the following information:
   Name, current address, phone number and e-mail address
   School attended this past year
   School you will be attending this coming year

   Student ID#
   Year you will be entering (sophomore, junior, senior)

2.Your transcript of grades from the Registrar’s Office (does not have to have a seal and it            can be student generated.) If you changed schools, please be sure to include a transcript          from the previous school.

3.A copy of your family’s previous year’s IRS 1040 Tax Return (pp. 1 & 2 only).

   If your family does not file a 1040, submit the Student Aid Report from the FAFSA or the Alternate Income Verification Form. 

    · Include a copy of your financial package, if you have received one from the college for the

      coming year. 

    · Also, include an account of your efforts toward financial aid from college, government, or other                 funds.  (What have you done to try and get financial aid for the coming year?)

4. An essay of one to two pages about your past year(s), your major and your plans.

    (We like to see you as a person so let that be reflected in how you write the essay.)


Education Majors: should also indicate the subject and the grade level they are preparing to teach and explain their choice of careers.


COMPLETE applications must be submitted by June 15th and sent to:

Multi-year Awards Committee
New Haven Scholarship Fund, Inc.
P.O. Box 8936
New Haven, CT 06532-8936


NOTE: Only completed applications will be considered. Late applications will not be considered. You will not receive other notices to reapply so the responsibility for using this information and following through is yours alone.

Have a great college experience!

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