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You’re Invited:  Be a Part of NHSF’s Digital Transformation 

You’ve surely felt the pressure we have all experienced in this time of unprecedented technological growth. The pandemic has pushed many businesses and organizations to an inflection point where embracing technology is no longer an option but a necessity. New Haven Scholarship Fund understands this, and with the support of funding from the Community Foundation for Greater New Haven and the experts at Carnelian, we are investing in our ability to conduct business over the internet to be more resilient and responsive to you and your community. 

What is Digital Transformation?


It’s a process of developing an organization through technology in order to provide better products or services, or to achieve savings through reducing costs, reducing time, or otherwise making processes more efficient. Increases in efficiency can help organizations expand – and New Haven Scholarship Fund has been listening; we know that serving more students with more scholarships throughout their time in college is critical to the strength and well-being of our community. We’re building an infrastructure for the future of our work and your children. 

What role do you play in this transformation?


Our consultants, Carnelian, are helping us not only with embracing, adopting, and upgrading to the right technology, but also helping us ramp up investment in human capital –knowledge, skills, and health. Your experience, your understanding of the needs of students on a path to college, your vision for the future of New Haven are essential in this process. The team at Carnelian is guiding us through a listening process to learn as much as possible about your priorities, your preferred ways of communicating, your style of learning and operating so that we can design a technological infrastructure that reflects you and your experiences. 


What should you expect?

From this learning, you will see changes to our website, to our application process, to our ability to keep you informed of what’s happening at NHSF. We will better support our all-volunteer organization with technology that takes us away from spreadsheets and puts us in front of you, so that we can continue to listen to the expertise of you – our alumni, donors, volunteers, scholarship recipients, future scholars, and the village that helps each student build a better future through their college experience. Most of all, this work will help us raise more scholarship dollars so that we can continue to change the lives of New Haven students. You play a significant role in sending these students to college. We invite you to share your voice in our process. You are welcome to contact us at to learn more about the project, add your contribution to the work, or find out how you can give so that more students are able to achieve the dream of a college education.  

Carnelian is a local firm co-founded by Alice-Anne Harwood and Aaron Sherrill, a husband and wife team that marries the expertise of a Design Technologist with the wisdom and experience of a local leader in nonprofit management and philanthropy. Learn more about them at

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