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101 College Street Community Scholarship 

Thank you for your interest in the 101 College Street Community Scholarship! This scholarship was made possible by a collaboration between the City of New Haven and developer Carter Winstanley that accompanied the agreement to build 101 College Street, a bioscience research and lab facility now under construction. 


The City of New Haven is striving to provide New Haven residents access to meaningful, well-paying careers in the biosciences. There are over 23,000 jobs statewide involved in biomedical research and development with future growth concentrated right here in New Haven and we are passionate about creating the workforce that reflects our community.


New Haven’s Hill, Dwight, and Downtown neighborhoods are the focus of this scholarship as these were the areas cut off from each other by the construction of the Route 34 highway during Urban Renewal.  Downtown Crossing is a project to take out the Route 34 highway and restore these connections with new city streets with bicycle and pedestrian-friendly infrastructure.  The land which was previously used for the highway or parking lots is also now being reimagined with new buildings like 101 College Street that are home to some of the world’s cutting-edge research and development companies.  

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